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Poster: He Live's Date: Nov 24, 2007 10:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Birth-Day shows


how did you end up diggin the dead?

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Poster: Steve Birdman Date: Nov 25, 2007 1:39pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Birth-Day shows

Got into high school, my sister was a senior and had some guy friends who into jambands like Phish and SCI. I started listening to that style and wondered more and more to what there was with music. I then got American Beauty freshman year and started diggin them. Its probably the most generally bought album but it was start of something new for me that i was really liking. I kind of plateau on the dead interest for a couple years just trying to get rounded bases of all music like reggae especially. then 2 years ago i went to 10,000 lakes music festival, saw phil lesh and friends on some quality shroomz and havent looked back since. I own every dick pick, been to some ratdog, phil, and many DSO shows since and I cant get enough. I even built a 6 foot bong cabinet looking like the steal your face symbol mixing woods to vary colors. Ive heard rumors (rumors being just rumors) that the dead would perform this summer and im trying to tour that for a continuing fantastic experience around the GD. I know I havent seen jerry and i know nothing can live up to the experience served to world 30 years ago, but the songs have such a good feel, how could anyone want to forget about the dead

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Poster: He Live's Date: Nov 25, 2007 2:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Birth-Day shows

right on birdman...that was was pretty intense...a 6 FT BONG CABINET?

unfortunately, if you are not into the club scene, there isn't really any social context in which you can trip out other than at a dead/phil/bob show. sure, you can make any scene what you want it to be, to a degree.

but on a large scale it doesn't exist anymore. if i am missing something let me know. i thought maybe the God Speed You Black Emperor crowd was headed in that direction a few years ago....but i dont know what happened to them. then there is stuff like Acid Mother's Temple, but, if you're lucky you could catch them once a year....

i don't believe that the FREAK POWER has vanished from the earth...but where is it?

i think one particular long strange trip is fairly over, but another must be beginning elsewhere........

of course that doesn't make this any LESS GOOD....and NEVER WILL:

[...]good lovin '70

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